Holly also enjoys many leisure activities that are enhanced by mindfulness -
Taiko drumming, hiking, swimming, enjoying nature,

traveling, jewelry making and knitting.

Holly is a certified

Yoga Calm Instructor who incorporates movement,

social emotional learning (SEL) activities and mindfulness practices in a PreK-12 curriculum.


Holly Cluff, M.Ed., Ed. S., is the facilitator for all services offered by Mindful Matters LLC. With more than 35 years of experience working in schools to support student and adult learning, she is familiar with current issues that impact classrooms. She has worked as a teacher, peer mentor, and administrator. She has provided services to increase student achievement, enhance teacher effectiveness and develop collaborative learning environments in public, charter, private, university and statewide initiatives. 

Holly's interest in providing mindfulness to others is inspired by her work with children. Challenges related to focus/attention, anxiety, social skills and behavioral health issues have increased in classrooms.  Holly has successfully introduced students to mindfulness practices with positive impacts on school success, attention, social interactions and personal responsibility.

Throughout her career, Holly has worked with students with a wide variety of learning challenges in special and general education classrooms.  As a teacher of children with disabilities, she has been able to accommodate specialized needs and modify instruction to support success.  In addition, she has provided educational services in a treatment center with adolescents who were working to heal trauma, addiction, and behavioral health issues.

Holly is a certified K-12 educator in Arizona.

Holly has  been trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum which provides simple, effective practices that can be integrated into the PreK-12 school day and adapted for diverse environments.


KORU Mindfulness is a 4-week program that teaches mindfulness and meditation. While KORU was specifically designed for young adults, the class provides many benefits to adults of any age! 

Holly is a certified KORU Teacher.


Holly's personal Mindfulness and Meditation practices have been influenced by her completion of the

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program,

several courses with Mindful Schools, Insight Meditation workshops and sanghas,

and her participation in 10-day silent Vipassana Meditation courses.