I feel better when I take time to breathe.  I am calmer. 

- High School Student -

All of the concepts and practices were completely new to me and I was a bit anxious coming in to it.  Holly made it a level playing field in class regardless of your experience level.  I felt 100% comfortable to ask questions and share experiences. 

                                                                                                                                                                                      - KORU student

I had the opportunity to spend three weeks with my grandson.  I wanted to do all I could to make it a happy time for him and to develop a positive relationship especially as we live far apart.  Holly gave me many examples for using different breathing techniques and refocusing on different aspects of our surroundings – covering all of the senses.  She also recommended a variety of books for me and him that were informative, helpful and fun.  The children’s books were a huge hit with my grandson and opened up other opportunities to talk about difficult topics.  I am now a true believer in mindfulness techniques both for children and adults.  This has been an amazing learning experience and I look forward to working more with Holly in the future!                                                                                                              - Barb, Grandparent


     Two months ago I was diagnosed with tinnitus, a syndrome characterized by an incessant ringing in the ears. There is no medical cure and the symptoms can create significant suffering.Tinnitus distress however can be managed. Holly’s mindfulness and meditation training has provided me practical tools that have minimized the symptoms.
     Instead of resisting and ruminating, I anchor my attention to my breathing.  I am able to stay in the moment.  I recognize that thoughts are not facts and remind myself that over time the sounds will become habituated.
     Holly is a master teacher who models the strategies and values she promotes.  Her sense of humor, perceptiveness, and empathy compliment her wisdom.
                                                                                                          - Joel Sadowsky, LPC

During the class it was helpful to hear that others were having some of the same thoughts, experiences and challenges.  The feedback we got from one another and Holly was so helpful.  I liked how each week was different, but that I could go back to previous meditations for practice.                                                                    - KORU student

I'm amazed at what a difference breathing makes!  - Liz, Taiko player

Holly completely embraces the practice of mindfulness.  I can't imagine someone being more suited to a topic...So impressed with her personal qualities as a compassionate, intelligent, motivating instructor.                                              - KORU Student

Feedback, Comments, Testimonials

Keep your mind on

one thing!  

-2nd Grade Student-

Breathing helps you clear your mind

-2nd Grade Student-

I had fun learning about different kinds of meditation and was surprised at how quickly I noticed being more mindful throughout my day.   I am ready to make it a part of my daily life!                                                                       - KORU student

Mindfulness and meditation stretches time.  I find that I have all the time in the world for the things I love if I just breathe.

                                                                                                                                                                                     - KORU student

I get distracted by my feelings.  Now I can try breathing or moving when I feel worried.   

-High School Student-

Our high school students have unique academic and behavioral challenges that are effectively addressed through Holly's instruction.  She facilitates accessible meditation skills, mindful movement, and gentle self reflection strategies.  Eastpointe High School students have benefited tremendously from Holly's work. The simple, easy-to-learn techniques promote physical health and emotional well-being in these chaotic, stressful times.                        - Lani Simmons, Principal

I learned that I actually CAN be patient!  

-5th Grade Student-

It feels good to stretch.  I can focus more after I move around.  

-7th Grade Student-

 Holly is an excellent teacher who is warm and caring.     -Parent-

The games we played helped me listen and pay attention.   

-4th Grade Student-

When I am overwhelmed,

I can take a breath!    

-6th Grade Student-